October 1, 2007

Welcome Letter to our Out of Town Guest

Dear XXXX,

Welcome to Rio!!!!

We are so excited to have you here! Thank you so much for coming such a long way to be at our wedding. Hope you had a good flight and are now ready to enjoy yourselves in one of the most fascinating cities of Brazil.

As most of you have never been to Brazil, this gift bag will give you a taste of this country. We have enclosed some sweets typical of Brazil (mostly made of peanuts), bombons (chocolate candy), Guaraná (a berry drink from the Amazon made into a delicious soda pop here) and the famous Biscoitos Globo, some sort of snack you will only see on the beaches of Rio.

Rio is a great place for sightseeing, shopping, people watching and of course relaxing on the beach. There are also very nice restaurants and juice shops, very popular over here, where you can taste plenty of exotic tropical fruits.

Hopefully, you’ve read the tips on the Rio tab of our website, but if not, we are enclosing a Rio Guide that will provide you with all sorts of information you might need during your stay here. Of course, you can always call us on our mobiles anytime.

As you can imagine, you’ll be quite busy here, so we would just like to remind you of a few activities we have planned.

On Tuesday afternoon, Dani’s parents would like to welcome you with an afternoon snack at their apartment. It’s very informal, and the weather here has been extremely hot, so Bermuda shorts and light dresses are good options.

On Wednesday night, at 8.00 PM, the Durans are hosting a dinner at Andressa’s (Dani’s sister). This will be an informal gathering and will give everyone a chance to meet and get to know each other before the wedding.

On Thursday afternoon, around 2:00 PM, we will have the rehearsal at the Church. In Brazil, the wedding party does not have to rehearse, only the children (flower girls/ring bearers), the bride and groom and their parents. Some of you may want to venture through the historical parts of Rio, but please bear in mind that downtown Rio is about 45 minutes from Barra, depending on traffic.

On Friday, we would urge you to try and relax… Saturday will be a very busy day! The shuttle bus will pick most guests up at Casa Del Mar at 5:30 PM and make additional stops at the Sheraton Rio and at the Copacabana Palace on the way to the Church. The wedding will take place at 7:00 PM.

The bus will be waiting outside the Church to take you to the reception at Villa Riso once the ceremony is over. We expect the party there to start at around 9.00 PM and last forever!!! For this reason, we have decided to rely on cabs for the last part of the evening. This way, people don’t have to wait for the others and can leave whenever they like. The cab ride back to Barra or to Leblon should take about 15 minutes.

I know other questions will pop up, so please give us a call if you need anything.

Dani: (55 21) 8118 3300; Blake: (55 21) 9981 1819.


Dani & Blake

Important phone numbers:

Dani mobile: (55 21) XXXXXXX

Blake mobile: (55 21) XXXXXXX

Dani home: (55 21) XXXXXXX

Durans home: (55 21) XXXXXXX

Casa Del Mar: (55 21) 2125 3500


Carla @ I Run, You Run said...

I know this post is old, but thought I should comment. Great letter -- my wedding is also in Rio, and I'm also getting people from the US to there. Thank you for the great ideas!

Dani said...

Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you found this post useful! Rio is a great place to throw a wedding. Our guests and families had the best time! Good luck with the planning and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
All the best!

Carla @ I Run, You Run said...

Dani, obrigada! (So depois vi o resto do seu blog e vi que vc e brasileira tambem -- ooops!)

Vi que vc mora pertinho de mim, eu estou em Arlington, VA.

Coincidencia, nao?