August 17, 2007

Dry Run

Yes, today we are going to do a dry run to the location I will get my first interview next week. Wish me luck!
I have no sense of direction and can easily get lost while walking around the thank God for those wonderful gadgets called GPS. I don't know how people lived without them... Just like I have no idea how people worked before the advent of computers.
But anyway, back to my lack of sense of direction, I have admit that even with a portable GPS in my car and following my mother-in-law, I have managed to get lost on my way home from the mall!!!
So yes, I will need lots of luck to get to that interview site on my own next week. I will have a few reasons to be nervous:
1 - I am not a big fan of driving
2 - I do not know my way around here yet
3 - I tend to get lost quite often
4 - I get really panicky when I get lost
5 - I am going to my first job interview since I got here!
6- I could not find much background info on the company...

But I will take a couple of deep breaths in the car and I am going to be just fine... or so I think.

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